Love Is

To LOVE means
to act with the highest good of
the OTHER PERSON in mind.

There is the love of
mothers and fathers
for their children:
this is sacrificial love.

There is the love of
brothers and sisters
for each other:    this is protective love.

There is the love of
friends for each other:
this is expressed
in voluntary affection and trust
between people who are
not necessarily related to each other.

There is the love of
a leader for his/her people:
this is expressed in the concern shown
for their safety,
well being and progress in life.

Then there is the love of
a husband and wife for each other:
this is
an exclusive love like no other in life.
It is a sexual love.
It is not a love that DEMANDS its own way
or acts like a bully,
or seeks to manipulate the other.
Rather it is
voluntarily sacrificial and protective,
and it only functions
in an atmosphere of
total committment, each to the other.

Whenever human love is perverted
it becomes
SELFISH = full of ME.
That's when love does not act
with the highest good of THE OTHER
in mind,    and then
there is broken-heartedness
and inner death.

But then
there is God's Love:
Divine Love,
unconditional love for all human beings,
always reaching out
to each individual person
no matter who you are,
where you've been,   or what you've done.

God's kind of love is the ONLY love
that can completely heal brokenheartedness in human beings
and make alive again
whatever is dead inside us.

Who on earth would Love Me?